Welcome to 52 Weeks of Real Estate Marketing

About 3-4 hours of an agent’s workday should be used to be prospecting for new business or marketing themselves for new business.  Unfortunately life and business gets inBusiness Chart Savvy Home Realty Solutions the way and we have a difficult time doing what we need to do.

When we want to get started with lead generation, sometimes we can be so overwhelmed that we don’t know where to start so we simply just don’t do it!

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie agent or a seasoned agent.  This series is designed to encourage everyone to try something new to market themselves every single week of the year.  My goal is to earn you business on a consistent basis and to try a bunch of new things to see what works well for you so you can master it at higher levels.

This series of “52 weeks of real estate marketing” will give one marketing tip & lead generation project a week to work on.  The tips will range from “old school” stuff to the newest technology and web strategies.  Some of the stuff may be “the basics” or stuff that you have already implemented.  This whole series is designed as “building blocks” to assist with accountability, trying new things, going back and revisiting past things you did in the past and refreshing some of the same ole same ole you have been doing for years!

My ultimate goal for this series is so my agents will find themselves busy working with clients year round and to learn good prospecting habits & new ways to market themselves.  I have decided to open this up to the public and not just my agents.  There may be certain materials & videos that are accessible only to my agents because they contain brokerage specific & proprietary information.

You can join the email list to receive the emails weekly here to keep you on task.  Live webinars with professionals from around the country who are successful with certain marketing techniques will be announced through these emails.  In-person, live hands on workshops will also be planned on a monthly basis and announced through these emails.

For increased accountability and peer to peer assistance & collaboration,  there is a private facebook group you may be a part of.  Request to be considered to join the closed facebook group for further discussion here.  There will be no selling or spam tolerated in this group.  Some people may not be granted access if there is no way it can be verified that they are a licensed real estate agent.

As always, you should begin this journey & each marketing venture by seeking guidance with your broker to make sure they approve.  Once you finish your project you should also go back to your broker to get final broker approval so they can assist you to make sure everything you do is in compliance with the law.

Cheers and I am looking forward to meeting, collaborating and sharing marketing ideas with you in the near future!