Week 8: Set Up A Facebook Business Page

If you haven’t already set up a Facebook business page, you may want to consider it.  Even if you don’t think you “need” a Facebook page, you may need one for advertising on Facebook.  I advertise on Facebook and get a decent return.


1)  Click on “HOME” at top and then click on “PAGES” to the left



2)  You should see this page above and then click on “CREATE A PAGE”






4)  Fill in your contact information, select “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” (after you read them of course!) and then click on “GET STARTED”.

5)  You will now need to add your photos, about information (remember the bio you created week 1 of 52 weeks of marketing?)  You will use the information in your agent bio at this time!  Fill out all information and you are ready to go!


6)  Now go out and ask your friends to “like” your business page.  Request “likes” from your friends simply by typing a “friend’s name” and selecting it and then clicking “INVITE”.

I will go into that in another week but you will need 100 likes on your Facebook business page in order to do a “boosted post”.  (HINT – that may be an assignment coming up in the next several weeks!)

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