Week 6: Altering Your Business Plan

Now that we are in week 6, hopefully you are developing new marketing habits.  You probably now need to alter your business plan.

::::::::::::SCREECH::::::::::::::What is that?  You don’t have one?

Businesses fail because they fail to plan.

I cannot say or stress the above ENOUGH!  It is imperative to work on business planning at least semi-annually so you can stay in tune with your goals.  My BIG business plan isBusiness Chart Savvy Home Realty Solutions done annually on my birthday (Oct 2) and implemented by November 1 – not the cliche January 1 that everyone else does!  I usually do a “reset” around June.

So find a template (your title or marketing rep can get you one) for your business plan, pick a date and LOCK yourself in the office with no distractions for 1-2 days.

Your key elements of the business plan should include:

  • Vision of Your Business
  • Past Year Results (Closed Transactions)
  • Future Year Goals (Transactions)
  • The Numbers Game (how many leads, contacts, clients, escrows, closes)
  • Lead Sources
  • System “TO DO” List
  • Progress Chart
  • Daily Task List
  • Expenses

How do you stick to the plan?  I have checklists in evernote, google tasks and a spreadsheet.  Probably a little overkill.  I just got my paws on Melissa Zavala’s book “The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents“.

What Melissa has done is she put a 26 week planner together in a book (I personally still write my daily must do tasks down on a piece of paper!)  The front of the book has GOALS.  Towards the back of the book – it has a mini business plan also so you can take a self-assessment and set your income goals!

In this book you put your daily tasks (marketing and prospecting) along with notes, appointments, expenses and the “highlight of the day”.  I am a BIG believer in affirmations so I know I will be putting an affirmation in there!

I love this daily planner so much that I have contacted Melissa and she was kind enough to give me a coupon code to pass on to you.  Simply click this link and then use coupon code “W9JK5FZU” to get 15% off.

Happy Planning!

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