Week 5: Gear Up For Social Media

Lots of us are already on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and the list marches on!)  The big question is are you ready to use it for business properly?

I see agents ONLY posting about business and bragging about their closings and new listings.  That makes me vomit in my mouth every single time.

Your goal is to know Facebook - Savvy Home Realty Solutionsyour audience and what they want.  It’s about transparency and being you.  Not about being the SUPER AGENT that you think you are in your mind!

Your ratio of personal posts to business posts should be about 7-10:1.  If that.  Talking about closings are lame.  Talk about a difficult or funny scenario gains social media engagement (without breaching your duties owed to your client.)

If you are going to talk about licensed real estate activities on your personal social media profiles – consult with your broker so you remain in compliance with state laws and broker rules.  You also want to make sure your profile is linked up to your brokerage or that you show which brokerage you are with – somehow.

So how do you gain the hearts of your audience and how do you turn them off?

What’s hot on social media:

  • Puppies and Kitties
  • Babies
  • Life Events (births, graduations, first day of school, weddings, etc)
  • Career Change
  • Food Porn
  • Weather in Vegas

What’s NOT hot on social media:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Brokerage Rah Rahs
  • Continuous Bragging About Your Success

I will be going over each social media platform and what I use it for & all the FREE marketing possibilities over the next year!  All of this is just food for thought.  You need to be YOU and define what is comfortable for YOU to share and WHO your audience is!  Have fun out there!

Please feel free to add what’s hot and what’s not in your world in the comment section!

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