Week 3: Go Buy Some WWW Real Estate (Domains)

Picking a domain name can be a very emotional experience because it is part of the “branding” process in your real estate business!  Domains can be used for so many types of real estate marketing (not just websites but print also) so my thought is “why pick just one?”

When I picked my big website domain name I focused on keywords for search engines to find the site.  It isn’t something I put on my business cards or pens or tell people to go search “www dot las vegas dash real estate dash……..”

How to Pick a Website DomainI use simple forwards for that, stuff easy to remember.  Go to “shackdiva.com”, go to “reneeburrows.com”, etc.  It all gets you to that same site!

I want to focus here on picking a domain name for a main website.

First things first – you need to be “keyword rich”.

Once you have found a winning combination you can hop over to a domain registry such as godaddy and start entering those phrases that you found.  If they are taken (the hotter the keyword, the more likely they are taken) then start entering dashes (-) with those keywords.  Godaddy does give suggestions if the domain is taken so I have picked up some that way which is cool on the days your creativity is zapped from you.

Should I go with .com, .info, .net?  I have seen many .info & .net sites index fine.  I have seen many “SEO gurus” caution against it.  My Las Vegas rental homes and Summerlin community site index JUST fine in the search engines and those are .info sites!

Long term success of your domain will be determined by age of the domain, relevant content, social media push & excellent backlinking strategies.

In short, research and “go long” for the hosted domain.  Be cute, fun and short for your forwarded promo domains!

What can you do with domains:

  • Buy an address for a listing and point or forward to an eflyer
  • Buy a community and point (or forward) to a blog post or home search
  • Buy a seller specific domain and point (or forward) to your free CMA form
  • Build a website
  • Use on promotional materials
  • Etc etc etc

Keep in mind that trademarked items like REALTOR® & MLS can get you in trouble and you may have to relinquish your domain!

You may show us examples of keyword rich or cute domains that you own in the comment section for inspiration.  You may also link up any relevant posts about buying domains.

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