Week 2: Your Website – Do You Have One?

If you do not have a website for your real estate business this is a MUST.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate!

This will be part 2 of your online foundation for building a full pipeline of leads in the weeks ahead.

Your website can be general or a niche (golf homes, specific community, directed to sellers or whatever!)

I use my general real estate website to point all online activities to.  I also have a variety of niche sites for renters, sellers, communities, etc etc etc.

This week we are going to pick ONE website and think of it as “home base” where we score “capture the lead”.  All future activity on social networking, syndicate platforms, print and anything you will be “at bat” or “on base” driving in the winning “score”

Your goal right now if you do NOT have a website is to start thinking about getting one.  I find the most versatile platform is self-hosted wordpress.  IDX is a must for capture.  IDXbroker & Diverse Solutions seem to be some of the best options in our market.

If you DO have a website already, your goal from here on out will be to drive traffic on all of our other “52 weeks of marketing” assignments to the “score”.

Here is a snap shot of what the end goal looks like:

sites pointing in

As you can see, everywhere you are you are pushing traffic in!

If you are one of my agents and want to take advantage of your free community website, now is the time to get started on that so you can build your foundation!

Feel free to showcase your website for inspiration or any blog posts that pertain to building a website in the comments below.

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