My Top 5 Apps for Las Vegas Real Estate Agents

Phone apps have DEFINITELY changed the way I have run my real estate business!   These apps I have chosen help me:  communicate with my clients, other agents, my agents, my spouse and organize my busy schedule and tasks!

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 1 app and do not include the basic necessities such asstandard email, phone, voicemail, navigation, etc!

In order of importance:

1) Dropbox – has simplified the way I share photos & files with other agents and clients:Dropbox app for real estate

If one of my agents asks for a W-9, copy of their license, brokerage logos, etc – I have set up a file called “agent link” in dropbox.  When they join my brokerage I send them the link and tell them to save that link.  Most of the time they don’t save that link and still ask me for a certain file.  When they do, it’s easy, I just find the file on my app and can send them the link via text or email NO MATTER where I am at.

I have all of my PCs (alive and dead) from 2005 to present sync’d with dropbox.  So basically I have access to all my computers & their files on my dropbox app!

Another great use is to send clients and cooperating agents entire files when the transaction closes for everyone’s records.  This eliminates that last minute “I lost this paperwork, can you please send it to me?” back and forth emails at the close of a transaction.

Evernote for real estate2) Evernote – has simplified lists and client communications for me:

This is one of the big game changers for me.  I am able to organize transactions via evernote with client checklists from listing to close.  I also communicate offers via evernote with template creations.

You have the ability to email your client straight from evernote or send a link for them to see “real time updates”.

I also have a link for my agents for important brokerage items that agents frequently need such as HUD NAID, my license number, my public ID, tax ID number, etc so again, I can text them that information while I am on the fly if they need it.

I also have personal items for camping (our camper checklist) plus dutch oven recipes for those times when we do NOT have access to the internet!

3)  PDFexpert – has cut down on printing – BIG TIME:pdfexpert for real estate

PDFexpert has saved a tree or two (or maybe an entire forest) & an abundance of time for me.

My big use for this is commission orders.  Since I request wires on my commission orders, I have set “stamps” for my routing and account numbers and also stamps for my broker license number & expiration date.

When I opened my brokerage back in March, I prefilled GLVAR transfer and division add forms w/ PDFexpert so when I bring on an agent, I can just send them the dropbox link to get the forms for them to fill out the rest.

No more printing, signing and scanning for key daily documents for me!

google drive for real estate4)  Google Drive – houses my key documents:

Google drove hosts my key brokerage documents that are in “word” or “excel” format.

I keep my key brokerage documents for editing any where on any device (PC, Chromebook, laptop, iPad, iPhone) in a folder here:  my policy & procedures, independent contractor’s agreement, unclaimed commissions etc.  I can link up my agents and give them full editing permission or to only view the document.  Once a month, on the 15th, I can embed policy and procedures & unclaimed commissions (since these are revised consistently) in an email to the entire brokerage at a click of a button.

Seller net sheets are here for my agent’s use and for when I am out of town and get an offer on one of my listings.

I also host my contracts on google drive for when zip forms decides to be unreliable.

5)  Youmail – slick voicemail for business professionals:youmail for real estate

I dumped regular voicemail last December when ATT and the LTE network was pitching me fits.  I was missing phone calls and voicemails.  Now if I miss a call it goes straight to youmail!

It has a couple of other cool features that I didn’t realize until it was installed!

Hate vendors calling you?  Yea, put them on the “do not answer” contact then set the “do not answer” contact to either hang up on them or give them the “this number is no longer in service message”.  There are also a whole host of messages you can get for free or buy.

You can customize a message for EACH contact too.  While I have had it for only a year now – still haven’t got around to that.  Wanted to use this feature to “punk” my husband originally ;)

Another great feature is you can forward the message by email.  That way if I get a lead, and don’t have time to respond, I can forward the voicemails on to one of my agents via email!

What are your favorite apps?

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