My Sh*t Don’t Stink

Tequila - Savvy Home Realty Solutions

Often times agents confuse “raising the bar” with talking smack about other agents: “look at those crappy MLS photos”, “look at spelling errors in the MLS description”, “they don’t have MLS fields done right”, etc. While someone is complaining about someone else’s photos, someone else is making fun of their description or spelling and then […]

BOING – Goes The Rental Coop Check!

Justice Savvy Home Realty Solutions

I consider myself a decent broker and always want to treat my agents they way I would like to be treated as an agent.  (Hence the reason why I opened my own brokerage!) One of the things I do is pride myself on issuing a check for my agents immediately when I receive a check. […]


Stop Sign Savvy Home Realty Solutions

“I am JOE SUPERAGENT, you can call, text & email me 24/7/365!  I specialize in ALL things Las Vegas real estate:  rentals,commercial, property management, listings, buyers, new construction – YOU NAME IT I CAN DO IT!!!!!!” If you don’t do this & if you haven’t seen those ads – mosey on over to craigslist & […]