Putting Your Hands In More Than One Cookie Jar

I work in a VERY volatile market that can shift faster than Nebraska weather.

I also learned early in my Las Vegas real estate career that working a niche can be more difficult than it sounds.  OK I am sounding like I am all things to everyone now.  Volatile Real Estate Market

Something I advise against.


Actually I do have it narrowed down to several INCOME PRODUCING items that I like the most (in no order of importance!)

  • Working with equity sellers (a non-short sale or non-REO seller!)
  • BPOS (although I have grown to dislike interior BPOs and the shenanigans that the list agents pull to just get inside.)
  • Being a broker
  • Procuring leads for my team

When our market took a dump back in 2007, I was working rentals quite a bit.   I shifted to BPOs shortly after because I made BANK back in the day.  BPOs started drying out end of 2010, beginning 2011 (hint hint before AB284) so I became a broker.  I have REALLY enjoyed riding out the listings wave when we had no inventory between January 2012-October 2013.  Procuring leads for my team has ALWAYS provided a steady income stream.

Buyers are my least favorite business!  I do what I love and I feel like I am good at it.

Right now – as our market shifts again – I am enjoying fewer listings, fewer BPOs and more of being a broker for my beans!

What cookie jars do you have your hands in to feed your family?

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