Nanny Cams – How Do You Conduct Yourself While Showing Homes?

“Nanny cams” are growing in popularity.  It is so easy to set them up and have monitored “live streaming” to smart phones, PC’s, tablets and Macs.  Heck, even old 078441-blue-jelly-icon-business-binocularsmart phones that have video capability can act as a “nanny cam”.  They are compact, easily hidden and you would be surprised what you see happening on your property even if your home is not for sale!

I had a seller who had a vacant home with showing instructions:  “VACANT, ALARM, APPTLA, Electronic Keybox”.  This seller also had a nanny cam and I was APPALLED at how many agents just saw “VACANT” and bypassed “ALARM, APPTLA” instructions and just “helped themselves” to the electronic keybox and entered into the house.  This seller had video after video of agents being startled by the alarm because they couldn’t follow simple instructions.

You don’t need to be religious to know:  the 10 commandments are basic rules for life.  Seems like people like to break them when they are in other people’s homes for example:

Agents and potential buyers should ALWAYS assume there is a nanny cam hidden whenever they are looking at homes!

Advice for agents when showing a home:

  • Always act professional
  • Only point out the facts and remain neutral when showing at a home
  • Do not discuss potential details of an offer
  • Do not break the 10 commandments when entering someone else’s private residence
  • ALWAYS follow showing instructions
  • Make sure your clients are qualified to buy a home

Advice for buyers when looking at a home:

  • Do not say bad things, do not say good things (which could compromise yourself if you want to write an offer later.)
  • Put on your poker face when looking at homes
  • Do not break the 10 commandments when entering someone else’s private residence

Does all of the above sound like common sense to you?  Of course it does!  It sounds like common sense to me too.  My experience with the nanny cam/alarm house was that 1 out of 3 agents were NOT following showing instructions and making an appointment with me to view the home and it was clearly listed as having an alarm..  Then they would call me in a panic.  Then they would be irate with me when I asked them why they entered the home without an appointment.

Social media is an easy way for people to “broadcast” their nanny cam finds.  Behave and check yourself before you wreck yourself.  If you don’t, you may find yourself being incriminated on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube along with your brokerage name.  There is no judge, jury or trial on social media!  You are immediately be convicted.

All of the above being said, I do believe it is just as bad as theft when a seller uses a nanny cam against a buyer in negotiations to buy their home.  With all of the above being said, do you think that it should be mandatory that a hidden camera is disclosed in the MLS when someone is selling their home and strangers are entering someone’s personal residence (that they have the right to protect?)



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