My Sh*t Don’t Stink

Often times agents confuse “raising the bar” with talking smack about other agents: “look at those crappy MLS photos”, “look at spelling errors in the MLS description”, “they don’t have MLS fields done right”, etc.Tequila - Savvy Home Realty Solutions

While someone is complaining about someone else’s photos, someone else is making fun of their description or spelling and then that person doesn’t have the MLS fields filled out correctly so someone else has to make fun of them and what an energy drain & vacuum all of that can be.

We are ALL human and even the best of the best makes mistakes that can be found and nitpicked to oblivion and beyond.

Instead of worrying about what others are doing, figure out how you can do yours better.  When you spend your energy doing POSITIVE things in your business rather than NEGATIVE things, more dollars go in your pocket.

Allow nature to take it’s course:  Your listing shines because you put so much time and energy on it by adding 35 wide angle professional photos, a great description and all fields filled out correctly.  Your listing sells quickly for top dollar because you are minding your own business not concerned about any other competing listings because you have put your listing through the amazing marketing system that you created. Your sellers are watching your online marketing activities and are amazed at the job well done vs their competition so your job gets easier because they appreciate your skill and hard work, rather than more difficult.  The other listing (model match) down the street with only 6 iPhone photos and poor description is suffering from price reduction after price reduction and eventually expires.  The expired sellers may go online and see how poor their home is presented online and look at what sold and hire you.  Or they may just be holding on to that “JUST SOLD” postcard you sent.  You get more business because you are focused on what you need to be focused on – selling your listing.

They more than likely won’t hire you because you are talking negatively in a Facebook group – How are they going to find you?  If they did find you why would someone hire someone so negative?

Raising the bar, to me, means doing your job and doing it well and setting a shining example so others want to emulate.  It has nothing to do with worrying your pretty lil head off on what others are doing and tearing others down.  Sure, you are going to have the “jellies” tear you down but they are to be ignored while you press on blazing through new trails.

If you are finding yourself looking for the bad & negative, it is probably time to look for the positive – someone who is doing an amazing job and emulate (not to be confused with COPY) them with your own creativity.

“Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter” – Facebook Meme, Author Unknown

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