Dealing with Vast Amounts of Real Estate Email Spam

Spam – ick!  Hate it!  Here is a screen shot of 7 hours of legit emails (almost 75 emails) in my inbox!  Inbox spam is seriously stuff that will drive you to drink.Capture

I get 100-200 emails in my inbox every day.  I even have a spam program (spam arrest) where visitors must clear themselves by entering a verification code to show they are human.  I get another 100-200 emails a day in the spam folder which never gets “popped” into my inbox (that shows on my phone.)

There are those renegade agents who I may have submitted an offer on one of their properties once, a lender who may have worked a transaction where I was the listing agent or a title company rep who thinks that I want their weekly or monthly (or whatever) newsletter.

They will clear themselves from the spam folder to let me know what the current market stats are (I already know), that they switched companies (saw that on Facebook & congratulated you), that they have a new listing (yee haw for you, go put it on the web or hold an open house or something instead of littering my inbox!)

No no and NO!  I don’t want this garbage in my inbox!  I have enough stuff to deal with and and I do not need any more background noise!

Per the Can-Spam Act business compliance guidelines – you must have subscribed somehow (getting a free product or service.)  They also must have an unsubscribe button and they must be able to honor your request within 10 days.  That sounds great doesn’t it?  Well sometimes you unsubscribe and you get resubscribed – that’s when it gets frustrating and tricky.

Here is what I do to combat unwanted legit email spam that keeps going into my inbox:

  • Report as spam per your service provider
  • Unsubscribe from list and some of the email list providers allow you to say you never signed up so you can “report as abuse”
  • Reply to email “remove, I did not subscribe”
  • Re-block on spam arrest

So that doesn’t work and they continue to mail you or put you on another list?  Wash, rinse, repeat and add another step:

  • Report as spam
  • Unsubscribe from list using unsubscribe link
  • Re-block on spam arrest
  • Forward to (where they supposedly police this stuff.)  State “second, third (or whatever) request to be removed from this list, I did not subscribe.”

I am sure at the FTC doesn’t do anything until there is a high number of complaints.  I just want to get the word out about the email address you can forward spam to.  It is a hefty – up to $16000 per email – fine for businesses out of compliance.

If everyone knew this we would have so much less spam!  What other things do you do to report spam that I haven’t mentioned here?


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