BOING – Goes The Rental Coop Check!

I consider myself a decent broker and always want to treat my agents they way I would like to be treated as an agent.  (Hence the reason why I opened my own brokerage!)

One of the things I do is pride myself on issuing a check for my agents immediately when I receive a check.Justice Savvy Home Realty Solutions

In the past month not only did one check come back NSF –

But TWO.

It’s frustrating as all get go because I have already paid my agent for a job well done and now I get to be a bill collector.

Luckily I keep my commission account well padded but I shouldn’t have to deal with these things.

If you want to know why your broker’s policies and procedures document is a living document (that changes often) – these are the reasons why!

Be responsible and raise the bar out there folks!  It’s your reputation.  I know “stuff” happens but both knew that it was going to bounce and they didn’t bother telling me!  NICE!


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