Be Careful When Endorsing or “Liking” Your Competition on Facebook

We all have “friendly competition” that we want to see succeed and love to support, HOWEVER you must be cautious when you endorse or “like” your competition’s Facebook Facebook - Savvy Home Realty Solutionsbusiness page.

When you do this, you are opening yourself up for your sphere or clients to see this endorsement when they run “targeted ads” via their facebook page.

The endorsement could look very innocent but show up in their news stream if the ad targets one of your sphere.  It will have your photo and state your name “Renee Burrows likes <insert friendly competition’s name here> business or service.”

That simple “like” makes it look like you have endorsed that business.  Let’s say that “friend” of yours is seeking out that service and you just gave them the power of suggestion through an innocent like……

Just one example & I used a local coffee shop to protect innocent real estate agents:

friendse endorse coffee

Just remember your “like” is a very special thing, an endorsement using the “power of suggestion” and should not be given out casually unless you truly endorse and believe in that company!

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