My Sh*t Don’t Stink

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Often times agents confuse “raising the bar” with talking smack about other agents: “look at those crappy MLS photos”, “look at spelling errors in the MLS description”, “they don’t have MLS fields done right”, etc. While someone is complaining about someone else’s photos, someone else is making fun of their description or spelling and then […]

Week 8: Set Up A Facebook Business Page

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If you haven’t already set up a Facebook business page, you may want to consider it.  Even if you don’t think you “need” a Facebook page, you may need one for advertising on Facebook.  I advertise on Facebook and get a decent return. 1)  Click on “HOME” at top and then click on “PAGES” to […]

Week 7: Email List Building

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Email list building is a very easy way to stay in touch with everyone from leads to closed clients. It can be as complicated as you make it with fresh articles all the time or very simple such as using an auto-send feature where it grabs my blog posts via RSS feed. I personally choose […]

Week 6: Altering Your Business Plan

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Now that we are in week 6, hopefully you are developing new marketing habits.  You probably now need to alter your business plan. ::::::::::::SCREECH::::::::::::::What is that?  You don’t have one? Businesses fail because they fail to plan. I cannot say or stress the above ENOUGH!  It is imperative to work on business planning at least […]

Be Careful When Endorsing or “Liking” Your Competition on Facebook

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We all have “friendly competition” that we want to see succeed and love to support, HOWEVER you must be cautious when you endorse or “like” your competition’s Facebook business page. When you do this, you are opening yourself up for your sphere or clients to see this endorsement when they run “targeted ads” via their […]