“I am JOE SUPERAGENT, you can call, text & email me 24/7/365!  I specialize in ALL things Las Vegas real estate:  rentals,commercial, property management, listings, buyers, new construction – YOU NAME IT I CAN DO IT!!!!!!”

If you don’t do this & if you haven’t seen those ads – mosey on over to craigslist & go scour the real estate services section for your amusement.

If you do this – STOP – IT – NOW! (Unless maybe you have a large team with systems with different members specializing in different things!)Stop Sign Savvy Home Realty Solutions

There are several reasons WHY you should not be all things to everyone all of the time:

  • You will burn yourself out
  • You won’t do well in the search engines if you seek a large web presence
  • You will not be in control of your business
  • Your business will be constantly disorganized
  • You will fail to master any one, two or three areas of your business
  • You will not reach your target audience
  • You will confuse the consumer
  • Your clients will OWN you and CONTROL you!

Today make a decision to STOP being all things to everyone all of the time.  Decide what you want to do, what days and hours you want to do it, what areas you want to work and take control of your life!  You will get MORE business by being selective with your business rather than trying to snag and grasp on to everything that comes your way!

What do you do to control your business?



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